Meeting for Worship during lock down

Almeley Quakers have continued to meet each week using Zoom. Whilst the intensity of seeing everyone’s faces, including our own, took some getting used to at first we have come to appreciate what it has to offer. Many log on a few minutes early to say hello and have a quick catch up. We meet in stillness and quiet at 10.30  for 45 minutes. Friends minister (speak) as before, when they feel moved to do so, and we take time to reflect on what we have heard before any else ministers. Some meetings are  in complete silence but usually we hear from someone.  At 11.30 a Friend concludes the meeting and we move to notices of upcoming events or news of general inters and then to social time.

None of us expected the restrictions imposed by Covid 19 to last so long. We aware that visitors to our site may wish to experience a Quaker Meeting and might even be happy to do so via Zoom. If this is the case please contact the Clerk for Almeley Meeting, Helen Briggs, or 01497842711.